1. Bread Experiment 101: Coffee Buns

    I was actually surfing the net last night while the idea of making coffee buns suddenly popped out when I searched for a recipe at Google. A family friend gave me a sample of a ready-to-use mocha flavoring yesterday. I was already thinking of baking mocha-flavored mamons with it, but when I saw the recipe for coffee buns at yummy.ph, I immediately changed my mind and planned to do this instead.

    First of all, I haven’t tried making this one. However, I’ve seen this kind of bread in almost all posh bake shops in big cities like Manila, and they actually taste good! Inspired by the recipe I got, along with BreadTalk’s Hokkaido and Kopi Roti’s Kopi Buns, I did some baking today, with the help of our master baker. :)

    Thanks to www.yummy.ph for the recipe. To those of you who want to try this too, it’s here: http://www.yummy.ph/recipe/coffee-bun. It surely pushed me to experiment today. If you follow the exact recipe, it won’t yield a soft dough, but rather a mushy, wet batter. So I tweaked the recipe a bit and added some more flour to adjust the texture.

    Voila! These were the buns we made and I topped them with chocolate chips.

    Instead of using coffee granules, we used the liquid mocha flavoring, and it smelled better than the real coffee’s aroma. The topping tasted like a rich, creamy, velvety mocha ice cream :)

    After a few hours of proofing, these buns went inside the oven.

    Unfortunately, we didn’t make the perfect rounded-shaped coffee buns. We had our flaws:

    • The filling was too buttery, it melted and seeped its way out of the buns while inside the oven. I’m thinking of making a remedy for this, making a creamy custard filling next time so it won’t seep out.
    • We sort of forgot to bake it even, so some of the buns got toasted on one side and the toppings were lop-sided.
    • We were not supposed to be short on the toppings hadn’t we wasted some of the remaining left by scribbling it on the baking trays and separately baked them like cookies. The buns would’ve looked decent enough if they were modestly covered with the mocha topping. Woops! ;)
    • Some of the chocolate chips melted away and distorted the coffee buns all the more. :(

    The photo below is the aftermath of the experiment. Not perfect BUT it tasted really good! Better than BreadTalk’s and Kopi Roti’s versions! :D *lol*

    I couldn’t blame why all the bakers were laughing when we got these from the oven because they looked like deflated balloons! Oh well, so much for trying, but I won’t stop until I get it right! ;) More experiments to do soon! ;)

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